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From sex and the subway to loneliness and gentrification, Goldsmith's collage of many voices captures the complexity of New York life.
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Bulk Bookstore Gives Back. Commemorating the military service of New York State residents who served their country in Southeast Asia between and , including more than 4, who lost their lives or were declared missing in action, the memorial was the first such state effort in the nation.

The musical Phantom of the Opera — now a multi-Tony Award winner and the longest-running show on Broadway — opened. On February 26, a terrorist attack at the World Trade Center killed six people and injured more than In , militant Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and nine others were convicted of conspiracy charges, and in , Ramzi Yousef, believed to have been the mastermind, was convicted of the bombing. Al-Qaeda involvement was suspected. Among other things, he set out to reduce crime and reinvent the Times Square area as a family-friendly tourist destination. She was the first female senator to represent New York.

On September 11, terrorist attacks destroyed the World Trade Center.

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Nearly 3, people were killed. The NY Stock Exchange closed for four days—its longest closure since Governor Paterson is nationally recognized as a leading advocate for the visually and physically impaired. The plan is part of an experiment to create open spaces for tourists and make the city even more pedestrian friendly.

On June 24, New York became the sixth state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage.

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Set beside the East River between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, the elegant carousel has 48 hand-carved horses and brilliant lights. Housed in a spectacular Pavilion designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel, it delights local children and visitors from around the world. The 2. It was the deadliest and most destructive tropical cyclone of the Atlantic hurricane season, as well as the second-costliest hurricane in US history at the time. Voluntourism focused on the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Raging waters engulfed the carousel, set on a three-foot-high pavilion that usually stands 30 feet from the river. From seven stories above and a block away, neighbors took a photo of the still-lit pavilion—surrounded by surging tides that threatened to wash it away. Amazingly it survived. The Brooklyn Bridge Underground Railroad.

By Joseph O’Neill

Each reading of this book, and of New York, is a unique and impossible project. He was an artist and sculptor for many years before taking up conceptual poetry. He has since published ten books of poetry and is the author of a book of essays, Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in a Digital Age.