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Isaiah Xxi: A Palimpsest [A. A. MacIntosh] on faymicwigendmen.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Physical description; xi, p. ; 22cm. Subject; Bible.
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See Full Shelf. Altmetrics See more details. Referenced in 1 syllabi. Altmetrics data is provided by Altmetric. Additionally he was elected President in , serving the customary four year stint. Within the University he has lectured for some forty years on Hebrew language and texts in both the Faculties of Divinity and of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies formerly Oriental Studies. He has a number of articles on Hebrew philology and lexicography in learned journals. Post 3. Wa alaikum assalam Great research brother! Wa aleikum as-salam wa rahmatullah,. T hank you, brother, for your kind words! It was originally signifying a place name Hira.

Doyle, Leuven: Peeters , We need to remember that the Book of Isaiah is incredibly obscure. It is a product of multiple authors who edited and rewrote the text of their predecessors See P. Brill, ; J. Oxford University Press, Knowing that the change is limited only to one particular word, I think that the previous text-form of Isaiah read more or less as follows:.

My research requires to read Isaiah in a much broader context, with a special reference to Isaiah 28 where one can find an intriguing relationship between Mecca and Zion with its Black Stone Cornerstone and we find even some details indicating to the way the Quran will be revealed to Prophet Mohammed SAAW. Now, it is interesting that Isaiah 8 is commonly linked by scholars with Isaiah 29 since only in these chapters we find a rare notion of a sealed document and unique vocabulary, which is again not a coincidence.

Mythology and Culture in the Oracles Against the Nations1

The same case is e. Actually there is a proof in the works of early Muslim historians and commentators where fragments from chapter 9 of Isaiah are explicitly cited as coming from chapter 5!

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See e. Nuwayhid , Beirut: Dar al- Afaq al- Jadida , , pp.

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For example, the famous proclamation about the fall of Babylon from Isaiah 21, he quote as coming from Isaiah 10 Ibid. By examining this famous prophecy, Ulrike Sals, a German scholar, notes evident literary-linguistic similarities in particular places in Chapters 13 and 21 of the Book of Isaiah and concluded that both chapters are about the same event See U. This observance shows that the texts indeed were transported from their previous places because of the expansion of the original material in the process of incorporating non-original materials.

Recently, a hitherto unknown fragments of the Arabic translation of the great Rabbi Saadia Gaon , have been found See A. Ashur, S.

Miriam L. Hjalm Leiden, BO: Brill, , pp. One fragment of the manuscript marked as T-S NS The entire twenty-ninth chapter is strangely absent! There are two options:. As Christopher B. Hayes observes, "These chapters resist traditional methods for locating texts historically" See Christopher B.


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For a detailed discussion on this problem see Formation and Intertextuality in Isaiah 24—27 , eds. It is possible also that Saadia Gaon or the scribe who copied his texts, was aware that Isaiah were not the original work of Isaiah, and thus they preferred to omit it. It is thus possible that some specific contents of Isaiah 8 and 29 were originally placed together, in the same chapter, as one episode, but later were isolated through the expansion of the text. By tracing all of these details, one by one, we begin to understand slowly how these distinctive prophecies are corelated with each other, and why Isaiah recalls his vision of a prophecy in the form of a parable understood in eschatological terms about the Book which will be delivered to an illiterate… in Hira the cave of Hira.

Interestingly, in the thirteenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus AS uses parables as patterns of revelation that serve to reveal esoteric or secret truths See e. Vorster, The Structure of Matthew 13, Neotestamentica 11, , pp. Similarly, Isaiah is using in vv.

Signed vs. Inscribed

There are some pretty cute hints supporting this view. This will help us to understand the subsequent narrative in Isaiah and the reason behind mentioning it. Post 4. Additional Notes. As- salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh ,. Firstly, notice that this Greek phrase, i. So, the phrase "into the hands" is lacking in v. The result was astonishing … it turns out that these aforementioned words can be found only in Isaiah , and nowhere else!

I took a photo to illustrate it while working with my biblical software:. Notice how each of these particular words are situated and the distance between them, and compare them to the case of Isaiah notice also that the thematical content of these 4 verses has absolutely nothing to do with Isaianic parable about the sealed Book given to an illiterate.

See the photo below:. Nowhere in the Greek Bible or even in the Hebrew Bible, such a sequence of words ever appear. Usually when critical scholars faces biblical passages that has no intertextual parallel, they are often forced to recover a hypothetical text-form without any confirmatory evidence from the existing manuscripts! Here is an example verdict of one of the most prominent Hebrew scholars of today.

While discussing the complexity of Mss transmission and multiplication of errors in the Hebrew text of Isaiah , he came to the conclusion:. There are more examples of such non-attested textual readings officially adopted as plausible by top Hebrew scholars some of these critically reconstructed variae lectionis are discussed e. Thus, we have sufficient justification and other logical reasons permitting us to reconstruct a particular fragment of the Bible without any attestation from other manuscripts, and the same method we apply to the text of Isaiah basing on our own understanding.

Ryan D. By the way, how ironical is the fact that the most inconspicuous tool online can expose sometimes hidden meanings of an ancient Greek words! My emendation for the former rendering, i. Post 5.

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Concluding my previous posts concerning Hira in Isaiah In other words, by inserting an additional letters i. While the Book of Isaiah is indeed an incredibly obscure book as e.

In many cases, biblical scholars are helpless as to what the text originally said, what is the exact meaning of a such and such word, which particular event Isaiah had in mind etc. On the other hand, many of these difficult and puzzled cases can be easily deciphered from the Quran and Hadith literature. Preliminary Notes. English Translation by Bruce D.