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The below artworks are the most important in Postmodern Art - that both overview the major ideas of Postmodern Art, and highlight the greatest achievements by each artist. Don't forget to visit the artist overview pages of the artists that interest you. They were made in the months after her death in by Warhol who was fascinated by both the cult of celebrity and by death itself; this series fused the artist's interests. The color contrasted against the monochrome that fades out to the right is suggestive of life and death, while the repetition of images echoes Marilyn's ubiquitous presence in the media.

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This work can be conceived of as postmodern in many senses: its overt reference to popular culture and low art challenges the purity of the modernist aesthetic, its repetitive element is an homage to mass production, and its ironic play on the concept of authenticity undermines the authority of the artist. The use of a diptych format, which was common in Christian altarpieces in the Renaissance period, draws attention to the American worship of both celebrities and images. All of these translate into an artwork that challenges traditional demarcations between high and low art and makes a statement about the importance of consumerism and spectacle in the s.

His works are monumental but placed directly on the floor, dispensing with the pedestal or plinth normally associated with sculpture in a way that literally places the work of art in the viewer's own space. His work use the absurdity reminiscent of Dada's "readymades" to elevate a piece of everyday life to the status of art Shuttlecocks is a later work installed in front of the classical architecture of the Kansas City museum.

Through these objects he underscores the larger-than-life quality of popular or low culture - in this case a simple game of badminton on an open lawn - in everyday life. Oldenburg's essay entitled, 'I Am for an Art,' succinctly expresses his belief that anything can and should be considered art. Canvas filled with foam rubber and cardboard boxes, painted with acrylic paint - Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City.

They were offered a range of objects - each selected for either pleasure or pain, including knives and a loaded gun. After initially provoking a playful reaction, during the six-hour performance she was subjected to an increasing level of aggression, resulting in violent and disturbing occurrences. This pioneering piece broke new grounds in the postmodern shift towards audience participation through its total relinquishing of authorship and control from the artist to the audience, thus challenging the modernist notion of the unique and autonomous artist figure.

How did they keep it? Who wants power? How do they plan to get it? Do they get it? What will they do with it if they have it? Try and answer the following questions: what are the main reasons, to your mind, why this incident had such a huge impact on American public opinion? What is the role that video technology played in highlighting racial tensions in American society?

  1. Art in the 21st Century.
  2. Plasma Physics and Engineering?
  3. What [in the World] was Postmodernism? An Introduction?
  4. The El-Amarna correspondence : a new edition of the cuneiform letters from the site of El-Amarna based on collations of all extant tablets Vol. 2 [...].
  5. Historicizing Historicizations.

Try and explain what J. Mirzoeff, The Visual Culture Reader , p. R eport, in writing, your findings to the class:. No logo This class assesses the effects of globalisation on popular culture, from the perspective of branding; it also evaluates whether the logo is a visual image. Analyse who made this piece and where; how did this piece of clothing travel across the world; you may also want to reflect on the relationship between branding and fashion design. Write a 1 page report with your conclusions and expect to share your findings with the whole class.

Fashion I We will discuss visuality in relation to fashion. Theories, explanations, and analysis. Film Screening: none Instead, teachers will receive students individually 10 minutes each to discuss progress of final paper. Representation , London, Sage, Articles and optional readings on shelf in library Optional readings on shelf in library Aim In this course you will learn to analyse and interpret the increasing visualisation of contemporary culture.

Consider carefully the style, tone and rhythm of some sentences that attract your attention take note of them and explain why they stand out from the rest of the text Above all be proactive, creative, critical and open minded: try and establish connections among the diverse issues you come across and make explicit the reasons on which your evaluations are based.

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London: Hamlyn, Kunzle, D. Fashion and Fetishism , Rowman and Littlefield, C. Perchuch, H.

Posner eds. A History of Sexuality , vol. V, Basic, Fuss, D. Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Film and Video. London: Routledge, Haraway, D. Lewis R. British Film Institute, Mirzoeff , The Visual Culture Reader , pp. Orientalism , Vintage, Shohat, E. Stam, Unthinking Eurocentrism. Multiculturalism and the Media. A Reader. Barthes, R. Howard, London: Vintage V.

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Burgin, Thinking Photography, Crimp, D. Galassi, P. Before Photography: Painting and the Invention of Photography , exh. Edwards, ed. Wells, L. A Reader in Film, Television and Video. London: Arnold, Docherty, Thomas ed , Postmodernism. Postmodernism and Popular Culture , Routledge, M. Sarup, T. Raja eds. In: R.

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Braidotti red. Een beeld van een vrouw. De visualisering van het vrouwelijke in een postmoderne cultuur. If the defense is passed, the committee may make recommendations for changes in the dissertation manuscript before it is submitted to the University as the final requirement for the granting of the Ph. For a minor in Art History, a candidate is required to complete 24 units of graduate-level Art History courses level or above ; all courses must be taken for a letter grade. The Department of Art and Art History is committed to providing academic advising in support of graduate student scholarly and professional development.

When most effective, this advising relationship entails collaborative and sustained engagement by both the adviser and the advisee. As a best practice, advising expectations should be periodically discussed and reviewed to ensure mutual understanding. Both the adviser and the advisee are expected to maintain professionalism and integrity.

Faculty advisers guide students in key areas such as selecting courses, designing and conducting research, developing of teaching pedagogy, navigating policies and degree requirements, and exploring academic opportunities and professional pathways. Graduate students are active contributors to the advising relationship, proactively seeking academic and professional guidance and taking responsibility for informing themselves of policies and degree requirements for their graduate program. For a statement of University policy on graduate advising, see the " Graduate Advising " section of this bulletin.

Miller, Kristine Samuelson, Paul V. Turner, Bryan Wolf. Students should consult their department or program's student services office for applicability of Overseas Studies courses to a major or minor program.

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The Bing Overseas Studies course search site displays courses, locations, and quarters relevant to specific majors. Introduction to the Visual Arts: Prehistoric through Medieval. This course explores monuments from the pre-historic through the medieval periods with a focus on their sensory dimensions. How was power structured as a sensual experience in the empires of Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt?

How did the concept of democracy realize itself in the development of pictorial and sculptural naturalism in Classical Athens? We will engage some of the greatest monuments of human civilization produced in the most distant past in places far away and bring them nearby engaging also with the art at the Cantor Museum and the facsimiles of manuscripts at the Stanford Libraries. The lectures introduce major monuments, while the discussion sections allow students to gain new powers of observation and deepen their analytical skills through a direct engagement with objects on display at the museum.

It trains students to find the words to share their thoughts about art with their peers, friends, and family. How can works of art teach us to feel the wonder of being alive and our deep debt to the past, to the dead?

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Sections will focus on original works of art at the Cantor Arts Center. No prerequisites required. An exploration of the visual arts of East and South Asia from ancient to modern times, in their social, religious, literary and political contexts. Analysis of major monuments of painting, sculpture and architecture will be organized around themes that include ritual and funerary arts, Buddhist art and architecture across Asia, landscape and narrative painting, culture and authority in court arts, and urban arts in the early modern world.

Introduction to World Architecture. This course offers an expansive introduction to architecture and urban design from the earliest human constructions to the midth century. The business of architecture, its structure and materials, are addressed in each case, because designs have to leave the paper to achieve a presence in the world, and an overriding concern is to understand architecture as a sensible manifestation of particular cultures, whether societies or individuals.

To the same ends, student writing assignments will involve the analysis of local space, whether a room or a building, and then the built environment at large. Humanities Research Intensive. Everyone knows that scientists do research, but how do you do research in the humanities?