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Why I Killed My Best Friend [Amanda Michalopoulou, Karen Emmerich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Flawlessly translated, Amanda.
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Jessica Rasdall was 18 years old when she killed her best friend and "soulmate" Laura. Jessica Rasdall was 18 when she accidentally killed her best friend. Photo: Supplied Source:Whimn. There was so much blood. So much shattered glass. So much dirt. Jessica Rasdall had no idea where she was, or what had happened until she noticed the H logo on the steering wheel of her Honda and it all came flooding back. She was in her car; trapped and in pain by the side of the motorway after a horrific smash.

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Slumped in her passenger seat was the lifeless body of a stranger. Jessica spun into total panic, screaming for help and trying to wake the girl but knowing, deep down, that she was dead.

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Suddenly, Jess realised the girl was no stranger. It was her best friend Laura. Jessica suddenly realised the truth. Overnight, Jessica Rasdall went from happy scholarship university student to the girl who drank, drove and killed her best friend in a car accident. Jessica and Laura were inseparable. The type of besties that rom-coms are written for, the type that even end up working at the same restaurant together; the soulmate type.

The discussion about whether to risk driving never occurred as neither felt drunk or out of control. They were together, happy and loving life. So, Jess got behind the wheel.

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Hours later, emergency services would be cutting the girls from a car wreckage. The repercussions of ignoring that vital discussion hit Jess in one paralysing moment. I killed her. Jessica couldn't believe she'd killed her soulmate.

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How could this possibly be real? For the week Jess was hospital bound, she went through all sorts of emotions. Nightmares and waking up crying was the norm, as was calling her best friend out of habit only to be cruelly thrown back to reality after hearing her voicemail message. And then came the visitors. Jess dreaded seeing people as she never knew what to expect. What did they know?

What did they think of her? But their kindness was unbelievable.

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There are just no words to really describe how much grace I felt at that time. The First Month The morning of the funeral, Brynn spotted a red-tailed hawk through the damp fog and wondered if it was Rowyn. Afterward Brynn had no idea how to get through the days.

You killed my best friend.

Like, what is there to live for? I mean, I blamed myself. I was standing right there. Losing a child is unfathomably devastating, but there is a path for healing, a long tradition of mourning that Brynn learned she could lean on. There was no Hallmark card to receive, no self-help book to read. She was reckoning with grief and trauma—and also social judgment.

In the days and weeks following the service, she weathered dark thoughts. Cars were terrifying. Going over a speed bump jolted her back to the accident. A friend helped her trade in the Highlander for another car, and after a couple of sessions of a therapy for trauma, Cassie was taking Easton to school again.

How I accidentally shot and killed my best friend

When she first spotted Brynn dropping off Wyatt, she kept to herself. How much did the boys see? How did Rowyn get in front of the car? They shared their pain and how hard it was watching everyone go about their normal lives.

They decided to call their charity Raise for Rowyn. Three Months After Finding a positive way to leverage their grief gave Brynn and Cassie a path forward, and they worked furiously on their new project. But nobody could truly relate to her situation. There, for the first time, she found others like her. Maryann Gray, Ph. There is nothing. She says that although many of the people on the site fear their lives are ruined, this kind of reckoning offers an opportunity to grow and become more compassionate.

She says those in despair can, in fact, be happy again. My heart and mind will struggle with this reality until the day that I die. Cassie and Brynn threw their first 5K run and fund-raiser, a semiformal dinner and auction, on April 18, That morning, two hours away, a little girl not yet two years old named Alexa Rae had been accidentally run over by her father in their driveway. Once they wrapped their arms around me, they were with me, and they still are. Three Years Later When Brynn is asked about her unwavering forgiveness and she gets that question often , she has a hard time explaining what seems so natural to her.

I wish she was paying more attention, but I wish I had been too. But no report or official document can change what happened. I still struggle when I see the clock at My therapist used to ask me if I just wanted to punish myself for the rest of my life. And in some ways of course I should, right? But I also have to try to move forward for myself and my family.

In an effort to start fresh, Cassie sold her house and moved everyone into a trailer while building a new home. Then, in February of last year, she made the agonizing decision to step down from the charity. It was as if she and Brynn were still in that huddle on the grass, hanging on and holding each other up, and she needed to find her own footing.

Brynn was upset at first, but she understood. She has her hands full running Raise for Rowyn and taking care of her new daughter, Mynrow, born in Nor will I ever not think about Cassie. We have both experienced the most traumatic, horrific, life-changing event ever.