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As a child, did you ever have a sexual experience with an adult or a relative? .. When working with adult survivors of childhood abuse, the counselor can help.
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Psychology and Psychotherapy: theory, research and practice, 76 3 Psychosocial interventions for adults who were sexually abused as children Protocol. ZUR, O. The NHS offers free services nationwide and is best placed to support you when you are in crisis — that is, if you pose a risk to yourself or others. However, abuse survivors who do not fall into this category can face long waiting times to access mostly time-limited therapies. Moreover, specialist knowledge about the impact of abuse and trauma-informed practice varies widely across departments and locations.

Review NHS Choices for more information. Sexual assault referral centres offer medical, practical and emotional support to anyone who has been sexually assaulted or raped. Some SARCs work with non-recent sexual violence cases, but others do not. The local centres are designed to be comfortable and multi-functioning and employ specially trained doctors and counsellors. Find out more about SARCs. If you can afford to pay for private therapy, there are many good therapists and counsellors who have been specially trained in addressing childhood abuse and trauma.

Many offer a sliding scale of charges in line with your ability to pay.

It is always worth reaching out to a therapist and ask whether they they offer sliding scale or pay-what-you-can charges. We cannot recommend individual therapists because only you can decide who is right for you , but below are the main national organisations that represent accredited therapists and counsellors.

Their websites include directories of practitioners and allow you to filter your search for someone who has experience working with abuse survivors. You may not find the right person in your first attempt or you may have had negative experiences in the past. We encourage you to try again until you find someone you can trust and work with.

It has a list of counsellors who can work over Skype. Where else can I find support? Find Support Support services for adult survivors of any type of childhood abuse and neglect are available but are not always easy to find or access. Voluntary Sector Charities which are set up specifically to serve survivors of abuse usually offer services free of charge or in line with your ability to pay.

Telling their story is difficult for some survivors. Their memories are fragmented and all jumbled up making it hard for them to relate what happened when. There is often a feeling of being overwhelmed by the abuse and just not knowing how to start. Many survivors just can't differentiate between episodes of abuse and their whole sense of childhood was taken over by it.

At this stage there are tools which can be used to help the survivor put their childhood back together into a recognisable whole by focusing on specific incidents or episodes of their lives to structure their stories. The middle phase of therapy is where the brunt of the work is done which includes re-processing the trauma. Simply stated, processing the trauma of childhood sexual assault involves:.